Host Your Unity Online Free With GoogleDrive

Improve your E-Portfolio

Important: Unity 5 and a Google Drive account is required for this tutorial. This should also work with UE4 , let me know if you need any help and I’ll make another video.

I wasn’t sure what my first post should be about so I made this tutorial because I know lots of University students are starting to create their E-Portfolios around this time of the year. Many already have websites up and are looking for a way to show off their Unity content. Letting people play your game online without them having to download anything is a big plus as it saves them time! (I’m talking about busy potential employers).

Google Drive is free and very popular, most people do not know it has a free hosting function but you have to do a few things first, as I explain in the video.

Unity 5 is a very well-know Game-Engine that is used in the industry, I will hopefully create some tutorials on pretty interesting things in Unity to show you guys some cool stuff.

Here are some useful links:

Please help me help you by sending me any messages with feedback or questions you may have with this tutorial here. This will help me improve future tutorials and posts!

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