As part of a university assignment, Blockura was made with UE4 (Unreal Engine 4), Blockura is a cooperative multiplayer puzzle game where two budding builders will attempt to construct a tower each using two-coloured blocks and abiding by the rules set at the beginning of the game. The rules will determine which coloured blocks cannot touch each other. If the rules are broken the tower cannot be complete and the players need to locate and remove the problematic blocks.

Players use the Oculus Rift to see the world and a leap motion to interact with it using their hands. Players use a virtual whiteboard to communicate and use their fingers to write messages to each other. This is necessary as the blocks they might have access to may not be usable on their tower so must ask the other player to send a block over using the conveyer belt system.

In this project, my main responsibilities included implementing the leap motion, allowing players to interact with objects, Creating hand pose gesture recognition system, adding Oculus support, Multiplayer logic and implementing speech recognition using the Sphinx library.