Maze Hackerz Concept

The ‘Maze Hackerz’ concept was the outcome of my individual project whilst studying for my FdSc in Computing with Games Development. Originally a multiplayer game, I decided it was more more appropriate for time to produce a single player game.

The aim of this project was to create a unique game that teaches simple programming principles through main game mechanics.

With this in mind I created a tower defence game. The map is made up of ‘TekCubes’ that can be ‘hacked’ using a terminal-like system that mimics a few core coding standards such as use of correct methods, variables and coding punctuation such as using semi colons at the end of commands. If the method name, parameters or even any symbols are missing the terminal will display an error massage and will not let the player ‘inject’ the hacks into the cubes. Thus making the player adhere to basic coding standards.