Spacial A 2D Multiplayer Game


This was what I created for our Mobile Games assignment in the second year of my degree at Bournemouth University.
I used Unity, PUN, MySQL and PHP that was running an external server. I did not get time complete the actual game as I was focusing on the authentication and main functionality of the multiplayer.

We had to create a game that contained the following:

  • Touches and gestures
  • At least one of the 3 sensors (gyro, accelerometer or GPS)
  • Your own shader
  • Adapt for any screen size
  • Data persistence
  • User interface

Here are a list of my most notable features:

  • PHP + MySQL Authentication Backend
  • Hashing class to easily return a hash of a string.
  • Implementing PUN (Photon Unity Networking)

I particularly enjoyed implementing the authentication system.

For this assignment I was awarded a 1st