UE4 Blueprints – Tron End Of Line


I created this as a part of an assignment where we had to try and re-create a scene from a movie. I chose the End Of Line Club scene from the movie Tron: Legacy, mainly because I love the Tron movies (The first one more than the second) and I thought it has some nice opportunities to make some good Blueprints in UE4.

The majority of the models were created by me except for the weapons and the characters gun and arm. Since I like the programming aspect more I mainly focused on blueprints as it was the first time using UE4 so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get hands on with it.

The most enjoyable part of this assignment was making the blueprints for the rising staircase. Each step of the staircase had a Blueprint Component that was able to move the step to a position that was set through a public function. Then there was a single blueprint to set the overall speed and height of each step in the staircase.

Music In Video: ‘End Of Line’ By Daft Punk featured in Tron Legacy